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Wealth Management

Structured Asset Approach


Your Portfolio Should Reflect Your Unique Situation

  • What is your time horizon?
  • What is your tolerance for risk?
  • Do you need income or liquidity?
  • How comfortable are you with:
    • International investing?
    • Small company stocks?
    • Value stocks?
  • Other considerations?

Using our Investor Profile Questionnaire we will work with you to answer these questions

Investor Profile Questionnaire

Constructing Your Portfolio

  • There are 270 Structured Investing portfolios, covering a wide range of investor goals and risk tolerances. All of these portfolios are constructed using our investment philosophy and methodology
  • Based on your answers to the Investor Profile Questionnaire, we will identify which of the 270 portfolios suits you and your investment objectives, comfort with risk and time horizon
  • Structured Investing portfolios vary in terms of composition and asset class weighting, but they all share the goal of capturing market returns while minimizing volatility for the selected level of risk

Once your portfolio is constructed, we will work with you to keep aligned with your long-term goals.


The extensive diversification achieved through the Structured Investing approach does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. The investment return and the principal value of your portfolio will fluctuate, and at any point, may be worth more or less than your original investment