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Morningstar Investment Services
Rooted in objective, independent research, Morningstar Investment Services is a natural extension of Morningstar, Inc.’s focus on providing innovative research and services to investors.

Morningstar Investment Services connects you to the resources of an independent, experienced investment management team. The managed portfolios bring together the well-known research of Morningstar Inc. with the professional portfolio management expertise of Morningstar Investment Services. The result is a carefully designed mutual fund, stock, and ETF portfolios that can be tailored your circumstances.

Intelligent portfolio construction and ongoing monitoring helps ensure each portfolio is well positioned.

Mutual Funds
Align your goals with specific strategies, such as long-term growth of capital, retirement income, absolute return and global investing.

Exchange-Traded Portfolios
Combine “core” ETF positions that track broad asset classes in an efficient and low-cost manner with nimble “explore” positions that seek to add value by taking advantage of relative valuation opportunities in the markets.

Select Stock Baskets
Tailor a portfolio to your specific parameters such as tax loss harvesting or allowing you to exclude sectors and industries.

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Morningstar Investment Services, Inc. is a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc.