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Wealth Management


The term “wealth management” is a term used by many. We define our consultative wealth management approach as extending beyond traditional portfolio management.

Our wealth management process is based on three disciplines that guide our practice:

Investment Consulting
In an industry that is full of specialists and a myriad of options, the challenge and pressure to make optimal long term investment decisions is daunting. A successful investment experience requires patience and discipline.

Our investment methodology is not based on speculation but rather, on the science of capital markets. This approach is grounded in decades of empirical data and Nobel Prize winning research.

Relationship Management
Complex planning issues and the resulting challenges should not be left to a single professional. Our client centered consulting approach allows us to collaborate with other advisors on your behalf.

Serving at the core of your Wealth Management Team, we deliver carefully chosen solutions. Our firm coordinates the entire planning process and works with experts in the legal, accounting and related fields to ensure that all “planning gaps” are identified and addressed.

Advanced Planning
While an investment plan sets the foundation of your financial plan, your wealth management plan looks beyond short term considerations to address four key areas of planning:

Wealth Enhancement:
Cash flow planning while minimizing your income tax liability, estate taxes and capital gains.

Wealth Transfer:
Transferring wealth to future generations in a way that meets your wishes.

Wealth Protection:
Protecting your wealth from potential creditors and catastrophic loss.

Charitable Giving:
Maximizing the benefits of your charitable interests and activities.