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We don’t spend our time hiring and firing money managers or explaining to clients why a particular forecast went wrong. Unlike most firms, our portfolios are not concentrated in individual companies but rather in 60 countries and thousands of holdings. Our focus remains on providing prudent investment advice and delivering market rates of return through our affiliation with Dimensional Fund Advisors, better known as DFA.

Grounded in the efficiency of Capital Markets and academic research, Dimensional’s strategies have strict proprietary parameters that make it unique among asset managers. The net result: A globally diversified portfolio that delivers precise asset class exposure not available elsewhere. Dimensional chooses to make their funds available through a select group of fee-only advisors. Being independent and fee based, we are free from conflicts associated with commissions.


With globally diversified portfolios and reasonable return expectations, our clients can realize a high probability of reaching their goals. By trying to time the market or pick individual stocks, investors are gambling with very poor odds.

Our mandate is to deliver the performance of capital markets and increase returns through precise, unique portfolio design and a solid long-term strategy.

Our process utilizes Structured Asset Classes, which is neither an active nor passive approach. It is based on over 80 years of financial market data and Nobel Prize winning economic research.

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