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A performance graph compares the 1-year, 3-year and 5-year cumulative total return of a Normal Balanced Strategy: 60% Stocks, 40% Bonds. MORE
Stock prices slumped around the world yesterday [Monday, July 18], but shares of Apple Inc. shrugged off worries about a Greek government bond default and record gold prices and surged to an all-time high of $373.80. With a market value of over $344 billion, Apple has already... MORE
A wise man once said that to profit without risk and to experience life without danger is as impossible as it is to live without being born. That all may be true, but which risks are worth taking and which are not. MORE
Since the onset of the financial crisis in late 2007, the Federal Reserve has used interest-rate cuts and other policy tools in an effort to fuel economic growth. Economists can debate the effectiveness of these policies, but everyone can agree that today's low interest rates are a two-sided coin. MORE
Ever noticed how gamblers always tell you about their big wins, but tend to keep their even bigger losses close to their chests? People who seek to finesse their entry and exit of financial markets are similar. Going awfully quiet in recent days have been the analysts who a month ago were saying that that was the time to get out of risk assets. It seemed a good call at the time as global stock markets had suffered their worst quarter in nearly three years. MORE
Predicting interest rate movements correctly is hard. Predicting them for a living is harder still. But getting it wrong is nowhere near as painful as the experience of those who lose their own money based on someone's forecast. MORE
Just as a broadly diversified portfolio includes companies with high and low credit quality, investing in countries with both high and low ratings is equally sensible. MORE
Truman Clark, retired Dimensional executive, explains the advantages of seeking exposure to different risk dimensions through core equity strategies. MORE
Many studies have discussed whether securities are efficiently priced. The available evidence indicates that professional money managers have not been able to exploit cost-effectively any pricing errors that do occur. MORE
A look at the Fama/French factor returns reveals presidential elections don't seem to impact market performance. However, history shows that factor performance in the month preceding an election seems to predict reelection results. MORE